*Signed* copy of our book 'Testificate Man and the Quest to Become More Interesting!'

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TESTIFICATE MAN FACES HIS GREATEST CHALLENGE YET!!! It’s just another day around the village for Testificate Man, when suddenly a group of flying, black-robed wizards appear from out of the skies! They inform the villagers that they are Mods. . . and they’ve come to deliver some rather bad news. The server just isn’t interesting anymore, and nobody seems to want to drop by. Because of this, they plan to reboot it entirely—turning the village into a circus, and all the villagers into clowns! Testificate Man likes being himself (and plus, he thinks clowns are scary), so he knows he can’t let this happen. Through dumb luck and cunning (but mostly dumb luck), Testificate Man convinces the Mods to give him and the other villagers thirty days to make their server more interesting. With the clock ticking—and no good ideas about how to actually become more interesting—Testificate Man hears about a special, magical item that’s so interesting it’s The Most Interesting Thing in the Overworld. And conveniently, the village librarian seems to have a map showing precisely where it is! Find out what happens next when Testificate Man embarks upon this epic quest to make his server—and perhaps even himself—more interesting!